Rooted in the local community

We are committed to providing opportunities for local people to interact with herbs and each other in a social way. We organise free community courses, workshops and events that are open to all as well as working in partnership with local organisations to help increase our reach.


Mental health and wellbeing

We regularly run a 6-week Herbal Craft course at the Centre for Better Health, a community-based charity that supports wellbeing and recovery from mental ill-health. The course shows participants how they can incorporate herbs into their lifestyle under the themes of mind, body and home. We are also working with City and Hackney Mind to deliver therapeutic Herb Gardening and Craft courses. The sessions are designed to be inclusive and interactive with attention placed on creating a welcoming and supportive learning environment.

So far we have delivered 11 courses engaging 122 participants. 

Training and Education

We are passionate about teaching people about the wonders of herbs. From our own personal experiences we find the best way to learn is by doing. We provide a number of opportunities for people to get involved with the project through volunteering. This ranges from giving us a hand at one of our growing sites, helping us package up new blends to supporting us at one of our events or workshops. We also offer a herbal trainee scheme for those wishing to advance their skills and expertise. 

So far we have been supported by 123 volunteers and 5 trainees.

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Herb Map

We think that herbs act as a great way to celebrate diversity and we are always fascinated to learn new recipes and stories from different cultures. We are building a collection of herbal stories from around the world captured through our herb map which comes with us to all our community events.  

So far we have collected: 80 herbal stories

Community events and workshops

We love being invited along to run workshops and activities with partner organisations who share our values for providing creative activities that promote health and wellbeing. We have experience of delivering hands-on creative and educational workshops for both adults and children and can tailor the activity to the needs of the group. 

So far we have engaged 429 people and delivered 192 hours of free community activities. 

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"I was diagnosed with severe depression and I was seeking treatment through lots of different methods. The trainers taught with warmth and expertise, encouraging learning rather than lecturing. I now know a lot more about natural remedies and where to find them in nature. The course enabled me to not feel dependent on anyone else and to realise that happiness is possible. I was in a really dark place but I feel more emotionally resilient now. I’ve realised that I really value being in nature so now I’m very conscious of bringing nature into my home, even if it’s just flowers.” Course participant, 2017

“I loved taking the time out from being a carer. I had missed the mental stimulation that comes from learning and spending those few hours a week solely for myself. The classes have a lovely community feel and I made lots of friends who I’m still in touch with. I now go on foraging walks in London with one of them. The great thing was the range of abilities in one class so you could really learn from your classmates’ experiences too. It was a great place for sharing knowledge and learning from others as well as from our teachers.” Course participant, 2017

“I cannot begin to say how fruitful this course has been! The beauty and benefit of introducing herbs to my daily routine and lifestyle has positively impacted a number of different areas in my life especially my personal health and general sense of wellbeing :) The ladies I met on the course were wonderful ad so keen to learn which was hugely inspiring. Many of us exchanged details to stay in contact and have agreed to continue to meet up on a regular basis even after the course ended. It was suggested that there should be a follow-up to this course, or perhaps a longer course, where we believe there is so much to learn (as students). Also the employment opportunities that could result from this knowledge gained and the contacts made should be explored further. Overall an amazing 6 weeks experience that I would recommend to anybody who wanted to see improvements in their life, especially through the benefit of herbs :) !” Course participant, 2018