Our herbal tea blends are created through the harvest of a patchwork of sites across Hackney. We garden following permaculture principles, working with nature to enhance biodiversity and take care of wildlife at all our growing sites. As well as growing herbs we grow a range of other beneficial plants to provide forage and habitat for our garden friends. Throughout the year we organise events and herbal workshops at our different sites so you can come and see what is happening in the gardens. 

We currently grow herbs at Hackney City Farm in Haggerston, The Bee Garden in Dalston and Cordwainers Garden on Mare Street, as well as our home gardens and balconies. We also have links with a few community gardens who donate herbs into our communal harvest. We are always on the look out for new sites to grow at or people interested in donating herbs so please get in touch if you have a space or some surplus herbs.