We offer a range of services to provide both on site and external opportunities for employees to engage in therapeutic activities that are designed to help them cope with work pressures. We deliver bespoke packages and will work with you to create an experience which gives your staff a meaningful break from their busy schedules. Our workshops are suitable for one-off events, regular sessions or as part of your existing health and wellbeing programme.


Wellbeing at the workplace

Our workshops give staff the chance to take part in a mindful activity where they will learn how to incorporate herbs into their lifestyles for improved wellbeing. The sessions will guide the group through the beneficial properties of herbs and pay attention to herbs that relieve stress, improve sleep, boost immune system and increase concentration with the aim of enhancing productivity in both work and home life. Our experienced teachers will share their knowledge of how herbs can be blended to create restorative teas following the themes of mind, body and soul.

Restorative gardening 

Our gardening sessions gives employees the chance to have a break from the office in a relaxed and restorative environment. Taking time out in nature has been proven to have a positive effect on people’s physical and mental well-being as well as providing a fresh and inspiring space for new ideas. We believe it is important to offer spaces for people to re-connect with nature in our modern society of urban lifestyles. The sessions are also a chance for staff to learn new skills and interact with each other away from office formalities. Employees can choose from a range of activities at the garden from sowing seeds and tending to the plants to building wildlife habitats and having a go at small DIY projects. These sessions take place at one of our garden sites in Hackney, East London. 



The herbal tea bar

Our bar of speciality herbal brews is the perfect way to offer your employees, partners or clients a healthy and refreshing alternative to the tea trolley regulars. It also gives them an opportunity to try out a caffeine alternative whilst learning about the positive effects that herbs can have on our productivity and concentration at work. You can choose from some of our signature blends or we can make you something bespoke.